SSFC: Portabella Mushrooms w/wild rice & pork

I used to number my SSFC meals, but it seems I have lost track as the weeks go by.

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This past week I went out to Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm and had a tour of their facility with a local garden club that I belong to. It was fantastic and I brought home 8 lbs of mushrooms (portabella and baby bella!)

I love simply grilling the portabella with olive oil and salt and pepper. Many times we will eat the either as a burger between a bun or just plain, allowing their wonderful flavor shine through. This week I got a bit more creative with them. I pulled some pork (from Bandera Grasslands) out of the freezer that I had already browned up with loads of fennel seed and added some Minnesota grown wild rice along with some chard from the garden. I also pulled some green onion tops from the freezer to add into the mix and topped it all off with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar (opps, not local at all!)

I’m going to call the Minnesota wild rice “local.” It is one of those things I bring back with me when ever I visit my parents. So, it was “local” to where I was when I bought it… that counts, right? Right! Well, we all make our own rules, so it works for me.

Back to my meal…. the meal was wonderful. I have many variations floating around in my head as different vegetables start to come into season; roast squash, shredded carrot, parsnips…. the list goes on and on.

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Sincerely, Emily

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6 Responses to SSFC: Portabella Mushrooms w/wild rice & pork

  1. J. Searcy says:

    This looks so tasty! And the rice totally counts as local 🙂

  2. Victoria says:

    I was hoping you’d do something with mushrooms! Sadly we only get small batches of mushrooms through the CSA, unless I grow my own indoors 🙂

    • Chances are you will see a few mushroom related meals. I have a few more portabellas to use and then onto the baby bellas. Drooling as I think about it. I am gald you are able to get some through your CSA.

  3. sybaritica says:

    I love greens in rice … tonight is radish greens with Shiitake mushroom 🙂

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