SSFC: mushrooms in a white sauce over potateos

Some of you may remember my post about “SOS” or Chipped Beef or my SSFC post back in June about Leeks and onion over potatoes.

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Well, here is another version and completely fits the bill for comfort food in my book, along with keeping it mostly local.

I used up the last of our homegrown potatoes and the last of my Kitchen Pride Mushrooms that I picked up from the tour I went on a few weeks ago for this meal.

making a roux (or white sauce)

The milk and butter that went into the roux are local. The flour is from Texas, but over 100 miles away. The onions are from my garden.

adding garlic

I added garlic from our garden. I love the addition flavor it adds to the white sauce.

Although I am out of potatoes, I just found out my neighbor still has loads of them to use up and has offered some to me! That puts a smile on my face. When we dug his garlic and onions this spring, his harvest was very small so I will offer him some of our garlic and onions when he needs them.

Do you share or exchange produce or things with your neighbors and friends?

Sincerely, Emily

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7 Responses to SSFC: mushrooms in a white sauce over potateos

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Hi Emily, That looks so good!!! I would love it but my husband would not as he does not like mushrooms. But yet I can use Cream of Mushroom soup in my crockpot on meats and he thinks that is good! I have only had a little extra produce to share with neighbors and family this year but love to do it when I have it! Nancy

  2. Victoria says:

    Josh and I were just talking about sharing our bounty. I seem to be the only one. I guess I was lucky to have a huge bounty, my MIL is reluctant to share but I think it might go beyond quantity 🙂

    Those mushrooms look fantastic, again! You are so lucky! What’s your fav variety? I’ve been in the mood to search out varieties offered at some of the larger farmers markets in DC.

    • Hi Victoria – The mushrooms I used in this post are baby bellas (crimini) and I really really like those a lot. Although next would be grilling the portabella I think.

      I must say, I have a harder time sharing from the garden when the bounty is small, but trading doesn’t seem to be so hard. It was such a hard spring growing season with the drought, that I didn’t have much to pick.

  3. Homegrown potatoes are the best! And so is comfort food. 🙂 Our potatoes are long gone, but my neighbor just gave me some, along with a huge bag of oyster and shitake mushrooms. We barter quite a bit with a couple of our neighbors, who have very prosperous organic farms.

    • Oh Monika, the potatoes are so good. I am so glad my neighbor has some left. They will get eaten up fast. It is neat to hear about trading and bartering with your neighbors. That is so so great! Enjoy your mushrooms!

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