Puzzle Finished: The Apothecary

A few weeks ago, I did a post over at Not Dabbling in Normal about being motivated to sew. Well, I was also motivated to finish a puzzle too.

I finished my last winter puzzle in May of this year and in June I started this puzzle. At first I was working on it regularly, then it just sat there and sat there. For the same reason I was motivated to get some sewing done, I was motivated to finish up this puzzle.

The Apothecary by Lee Dubin

If you look closely you will see two pieces missing. Actually there is only one piece missing to this puzzle, I just didn’t have the other piece in place when I took this photo. I knew that the piece was missing before I started putting it together. My neighbors across the street do puzzles regularly and then she passes them on to me. She was going to throw this one out just because it was missing a piece. I snatched it up, along with two others that were missing pieces.

Whether I know or not, I don’t mind that there is a piece missing. I am not sure I would be as thrilled is say there were 10-15 pieces missing.) If she hadn’t noted it on the box, I would just figure I lost it while I was doing the puzzle. It won’t drive me crazy (I’m already crazy!)

Other puzzles:

Does it bother you if  piece is missing to a puzzle? Would you throw it out or just make a note on the box?

Sincerely, Emily

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5 Responses to Puzzle Finished: The Apothecary

  1. If you’re missing too many other pieces, then you can upcycle into Christmas crafts or use on cards!

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    Hi Emily, For some reason I don’t like to do jigsaw puzzles. Maybe because I have never done them much or maybe because I would have to concentrate too long! I think it would bother me if one piece was missing tho! Even if I knew it ahead of time! Glad your getting unfinished projects done up. Great feeling! Nancy

    • Hi Nancy, With puzzles I tend to do a little at a time. There are times I will really get into the puzzle and time will just fly by. With a puzzle like that I have to set a little alarm to pace myself. With this last puzzle, I was really enjoying it and then I think garden and things took priority. I am glad it is finished.

  3. Marina D. García says:

    GREAT JOB!! and beautiful puzzle!

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