Aaahhh, Rain!

All day yesterday I would check the radar to see little rain cells popping up all around the San Antonio area. None of which were dropping any rain in my yard, but at least someone was getting some of it

I went to the San Antonio Herb Society general meeting last night and it sort of sprinkled as I drove down there.

After the meeting I went to get a bite to eat with a friend. As we sat there I could see that is was raining outside. And raining, and raining. SO SO NICE! In fact it was raining so hard when we left the restaurant I completely forgot about getting some mushrooms from her out of her car. Fresh from Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm today and I forgot! Dang it! Oh well, I was so happy to see the rain I guess that I was distracted.

It rained pretty hard my whole drive home and it continued to rain throughout the night.

I am happy, my rain barrels are full, and I know my plants are happy too.

Two days ago I was saying how I have already tried the rain-dancing-thing and it didn’t work. I have hung out laundry at the sight of any possible rain cloud and that didn’t work. I have left the windows open in the vehicles, nope, no rain. My last comment to a neighbor was that I would camp out in the back yard in a tent if it would just bring the rain.  Camping in a tent can be so miserable in the rain if you don’t have the right gear. Well, I don’t even think we own a tent right now, so I don’t know what I was thinking, but I guess just the threat of doing it brought us some rain. I am sure glad that worked because we have a whole entire back yard filled with pricker burs that would have really been miserable to camp out with.

Sincerely, Emily

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2 Responses to Aaahhh, Rain!

  1. And it’s still raining a little bit here at 8am. We’ve had 3.5 inches so far!

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