SSFC: Pickle and Canning

The Southern SOLE Food Challenge theme this week is focused on pickling, canning and/or preserving.

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The gardens in my neck of the woods have been growing since March this year and many things were harvested a few months ago. I still have two beds of peppers growing in my garden and a whole row of peppers growing at my neighbors in his garden. I am a bit behind in my fall garden planting, which should have started the end of July. I do have some zucchini planted in his garden and as soon as I get a few more of my raised beds, raised a bit more and get dirt and compost in them I will start planting my cooler weather veggies planted.

Canning pickled peppers

So my preserving started back in June when I pickled Anaheim peppers, jalapenos and also green bell peppers.

Canned pickled peppers

I also canned some jalapeno jam. YUM!

making Jalapeno jam

I now have a nice supply of canned pickled peppers and jalapeno jam. There are several pints of dilly beans too. I also have a nice stash in the freezer of chopped peppers of all kinds as well as grilled pepper of all kinds too.

I did not have any zucchini grow in the spring/summer garden this year so I bought zucchini from the farmers market and make zucchini relish. This is a favorite in our house.

What have you been preserving from your gardens lately?

Sincerely, Emily

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7 Responses to SSFC: Pickle and Canning

  1. annierie says:

    Basil! But you already know that. The pesto overflows my freezer.

    Love the jalapeño jam. It looks so good. I have a jar of pepper jelly made locally that I want to learn to make. Your jam reminds me of it.

  2. Basil and shiso pestos are taking over my kitchen right now, and I did quite a bit of pickling earlier this summer! That jam looks delicious – I always intend to make hot pepper preserves, but I love them in a sweet pickle brine so much that I never have enough left over.

    • Hi Monika – I had fun doing the pickled peppers. We still need to taste them to see if we even like them. We do like the jalapeno jam… so good with cracker and cream cheese. Your pestos sound so so good. Do you freeze them?

  3. Nancy Davis says:

    Congratulations on all that preserving! I have not done any pickled things this year except my pickled beets but would have loved to do more and hope to next year! Thanks for sharing! Nancy

  4. narf77 says:

    I am here to preserve my dignity lol! I assumed that you were from Australia, I didn’t realise that I was talking to someone in the U.S. You came all the way over to Australia as exchange students? WOW! Tasmania can still draw people over. We are not allowed to buy hemp seed in Tasmania and if you are a vegetarian you are a freak. I am vegan and keep that fact WELL under my hat as the locals are true and trusted carnivores and I have to make Tim Toolman grunts whenever I go to a bbq and shuffle my meaty looking beet burgers onto the back of the grill where the meaty crusty bits haven’t stuck too badly ;). I love your blog and am so happy I found it recently. I hope you don’t mind being shoved into a bit of a cattle crush of an rss feed reader. I promise to read your posts and to usually comment. Once I find a good blog I like to read it over my first morning cuppa before the sun comes up. Thats getting a bit harder on Serendipity Farm at the moment as the sun appears hell bent on getting up earlier…and earlier…and EARLIER! And we get stupid daylight savings early next month so I will be up with the sparrows chirps bleary eyed and grumpy. It takes me a decent hour to regain my mellow composure so I need my blog fixes each morning to return me to a semi lucid state ready to face the real world :). You can be honoured that you are one of those valium blogs that stop me gaining notoriety all the way over in the U.S. on the news for my crazy deeds due to me not being a morning person and my natural desire to KILL when I first get up 🙂

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