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SSFC: Mid-day Pita sandwich

The summer SSFC is winding down and this is the last post until we re-group and start posting again throughout the dark days of winter (a starting date is yet to be determined.) I have been packing the freezer with … Continue reading

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October in my garden

October has been a busy month around here. One of the projects I have taken on is raising my raised bed – higher. You can see in the photo below that I have finished about half of the beds. I … Continue reading

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Door Knob

This is a door knob from my second cousins Victorian, turn of the century home. She lives in the home that my great-grandparents lived in.The house is full of beautiful woodwork. It has a few sets of big, thick,heavy pocket … Continue reading

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SSFC: Cheese curds, etc.

Somehow, I spaced out Monday and my SSFC post. Let’s pretend it is Monday again. I spent that past week in Minnesota and Wisconsin and during that time I ate a tone of local foods. Several meals included my step-dad’s … Continue reading

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I got it from my mom

I know why I save everything. I learned that from my mom. I was visiting her this past summer  and wanted to make up some laundry detergent for them and asked for borax. She went into another room and this … Continue reading

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Zucchini !!

I have zucchini. This is happiness to me. The story is, I can’t seem to grow zucchini at all. The dang squash vine borers are horrible. So I out smarted them and planted zucchini in my neighbors garden. Head over … Continue reading

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Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Several years ago when my mom and I were sorting through “stuff,” we came across a lunch box. This wasn’t just any ordinary lunch box, this was the lunch box I used as a child, or so my mom told … Continue reading

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SSFC: Tacos

The theme this week is to create an international meals. Ok, well, my international meal is very very lame, BUT it was delicious! We have not had tacos in a long long time and I have been wanting to make … Continue reading

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A flower identified: Elecampane

When we were in England this past summer I took many photos of flowers. I used one of them for a Sunday Photos post, but could not seem to identify it. I though it looked like it came from the … Continue reading

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This was in the bathroom at a craft store I was in recently. Would you say that is creative, interesting, or just plain strange? I think the strange part it, that I pulled out my camera and took a photo! … Continue reading

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