This was in the bathroom at a craft store I was in recently.

Would you say that is creative, interesting, or just plain strange?

I think the strange part it, that I pulled out my camera and took a photo!

Sincerely, Emily

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10 Responses to Interesting

  1. Jane says:

    Well at least you would not need to touch the cold lever with you hands once they are clean, you could push it with your wrist. Unlike turning off the hot, which defeats the purpose of washing your hands if you just touch the dirty things after washing them!

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    I would say they were making do and saving money! lol Nancy

  3. Christine says:

    Maybe it is a mind challenge exercise for seniors?

    • Hi Christine, that is quite clever! I think the mind exercise was for me would have been piecing two different faucet fixtures together to make one good one! The frightening part it that I think we have an old faucet in the back shop that I am sure if we keep around long enough dew can piece one together just like that.

  4. narf77 says:

    Old school on one side and newfangled on the other! I say this is a politically correct tap system!

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