SSFC: Tacos

The theme this week is to create an international meals. Ok, well, my international meal is very very lame, BUT it was delicious!

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We have not had tacos in a long long time and I have been wanting to make my own taco seasoning mix so, even though this was a super easy “International” themed meal for the SSFC challenge, it was great to check one more thing off my list of things to do!

The only things that were not local were the tortillas and the cheese (and some of the herbs/spices in the taco seasoning.)

Where did it all come from:

  • Swiss chard – my garden
  • Onion – my garden, harvested this spring
  • Peppers – my garden
  • Tomatoes – Miss Scarlett’s
  • Cheese and tortilla’s – store bought
  • Ground beef – Bandera Grasslands
  • Spices & herbs in taco seasoning – some from my garden, others from Mountain Rose Herbs.

I don’t mean to tease you with making my own taco seasoning ย and not telling you how. My plan is to share my adventure with you. I took notes when I was making the mix, and as soon as I find my notes and measurements I will share it with you. It’s killing me because I just made it and I can’t find it. Grrr. It has been a crazy few weeks and I know I will find it… sonner than later I hope.

I imagine the other participants in the Southern SOLE Food Challenege have cooked up more creative international dishes than me this week, so be sure to click on the SSFC badge at the top of the page to see what they made.

Sincerely, Emily

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12 Responses to SSFC: Tacos

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Hi Emily, I made Taco mix once. We don’t like hot things and the mix I made was too hot. Is yours? Nancy

    • HI Nancy – I make mine hot. I added Anaheim peppers to the meat as I browned it and I added extra chili powder to the taco seasoning mix. You can definitely adjust all the ingredients to you liking, that is what I like about it. I hope I can find my notes and get the recipe posted soon.

  2. Liz says:

    On pins and needles waiting for your seasoning recipe….

  3. Angela says:

    I love tacos! Actually I love all Mexican food and I look forward to reading about your seasoning recipe. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I need to get my International post up–it’s a Cuban dish. We were both thinking south of the border!

  4. Angela says:

    I meant to add that I don’t think tacos are lame, and I like your use of chard instead of lettuce. I’ve been trying to come up with different ways to use chard too.

    • Thanks Angela! The tacos were good. I love using chard is a lot of things. Another favorite way is on pizza. I add it right after the sauce. I also chop it up and add it to spaghetti sauce and cook it, ring out the liquid and add it to quiche (I do that with kale too!) There seem to be so many places to add it.

  5. narf77 says:

    Nothing like tacos to make you happy on a hot summers day. Yours look delicious and I am eagerly awaiting your recipe for the taco seasoning ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Fran – I just got home and I HOPE to find my notes on that dang taco seasoning mix. If I can’t, I will just have to start over and we will just have to have tacos again! I think we can handle that.

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