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SSFC: Tacos

The theme this week is to create an international meals. Ok, well, my international meal is very very lame, BUT it was delicious! We have not had tacos in a long long time and I have been wanting to make … Continue reading

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A flower identified: Elecampane

When we were in England this past summer I took many photos of flowers. I used one of them for a Sunday Photos post, but could not seem to identify it. I though it looked like it came from the … Continue reading

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This was in the bathroom at a craft store I was in recently. Would you say that is creative, interesting, or just plain strange? I think the strange part it, that I pulled out my camera and took a photo! … Continue reading

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SSFC – watermelon and peppers (not together)

I am still picking and picking peppers. But I am also enjoying some other local things like watermelon. I picked up a watermelon from Miss Scarlett’s and we ate for several day. It was so colorful and juicy. My desk … Continue reading

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Pencil, Pencil, Pencil.

The other day I couldn’t find a pencil at our desk. I can’t blame anyone for that, just myself. I love mechanical pencils. I can’t pin-point a time when I started using them, I know for sure I did in … Continue reading

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Photos: In other gardens (and mine)

Just wanted to share some neat photos from other peoples gardens. A little surprise in my garden. A friend gave me a plant this spring. she couldn’t remember what it was but kept telling me it was a salvia. It … Continue reading

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SSFC: Pizza with mushrooms, zucchini and eggplant

Last weeks wild rice and mushroom stuff peppers where fantastic, but I still had mushrooms from Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm to use (and love) so I decided to make a quick pizza, focusing on local ingredients I still haven’t made … Continue reading

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