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SSFC: New Year’s Brunch

Happy New Year’s everyone! Our theme this week for Southern SOLE Food Challenge is New Year’s Brunch. With fresh eggs in the refrigerator, omelets are on the menu at our house. Eggs – from just down the street Cheese – … Continue reading

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Clearing away a bit of stuff

Yesterday came and I had a bit of motivation in me, instead of working on a presentation I have coming up in January, I tackled an armoire in our bedroom. Ok, part of an armoire. I have more clothes than … Continue reading

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Antique wooden tray

I surround myself with things that I grew up with and things I have inherited from family, because I like them. I have mentioned that I am emotionally attached to “things.” Good or bad, emotions can be very strong. The … Continue reading

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Zucchini and potato au gratin (sort of)

Yup, another post about zucchini! On Monday I posed my weekly SSFC meal and part of it was a dish that I recently made using more zucchini. While the zucchini are gone, I am still using the zucchini that are … Continue reading

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SSFC: sausage, potato, zucchini

We have been on a venison sausage eating spree. My husband brought home an assort of flavors and we just can’t seem to stop eating them This week we grilled up the Polish venison sausage and I experimented with the … Continue reading

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Grams hangers

I am taking a chance and posting this before Christmas, hoping that my nieces are not reading! This is all about Gram’s hangers. Now, I know my Gram wasn’t the only person out there making these, but she was the … Continue reading

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Just a click (of the camera)

Enjoy! Sincerely, Emily

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