I sent my husband to the library

Our library has a section where the books are for sale. The hardcover books are $2 and paperbacks $.50 – What a deal. This little area has saved us a lot of money.

Score at the library 1I was up at the library last week and had checked out their military section to see if there was anything new. They had a lot of new stuff on vintage-type aircraft and that is what my husband specialties in. I picked up a few of the books that I knew he didn’t have, but there were a lot more. He liked what I brought home so I mentioned that he should stop into the library on his way to our hangar.

Score at the library 2He did stop and spent $8 (3 hardbacks and 2 paperbacks) and came home with more great finds. These will get read and added to his collection.

Does your library have a section where you can buy books?

Sincerely, Emily

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9 Responses to I sent my husband to the library

  1. Sandy says:

    we do! and I can never pass by without picking up something…….. usually a cook book or lonely planet book….
    I LOVE the library and it’s the reason we stayed in our old falling down home, we can walk to the library.

    • Hi Sandy. I am constantly checking things out and every now and then I find something to buy also. How nice that you are so close to walk to your library. Ours is a 7 mile drive for me one way. I am glad it is that close.

  2. Ghost soldiers is a great book–close to my heart–my grandfather was in that camp.

  3. narf77 says:

    Have you ever seen a U.K. comedy called “Father Ted?” It’s based on a priest on an Irish island and is completely off the wall…in one episode the housekeeper “Mrs. Doyle” and her fellow housekeepers left their husbands alone to go and follow an iconic folk singer (that she consequently baked a jumper in a cake for but that is heading off side left πŸ˜‰ )… and when she got back all hell had broken loose…apparently most of the husbands were injured and some in hospital…one of them had been left for a day and had tried to make a cup of tea and had burned the house down ;). Husbands, when well tended by wives, are terrifying when left alone was the message…I had this vision of your husband heading off to the library and sustaining carpel tunnel syndrome or some form of neck injury from all of the rapid scanning…glad to see he is somewhat self sufficient and is able to pick out his own books :). Steve is a scary thing to let loose in a library. He doesn’t do “read” and so is in unfamiliar territory when let loose in the library. I have learned not to say “just pick me anything” when not accompanying him as I am just as likely to get a book on giant redwood trees as I am to get boating for amateurs…well done on your husband picking out some pertinent AND useful books. I guess when they are sent to get books for themselves, there really shouldn’t be any problems πŸ˜‰

  4. Nancy Davis says:

    We have a wonderful library too. They have a Friends of the Library sale in April and October where there are rows and rows of books that one can buy! Enjoy! Nancy

  5. Joanna says:

    No we don’t but it is a great idea! We have loads of secondhand bookshops though and the charity shops often sell books and one finds library books there, so maybe that is the route they take. I remember reading a lovely thing about people leaving books on benches and in cafes with a little note inside for the person who picks it up. Can’t remember where or what it was but it sounded really friendly πŸ™‚

    • HI Joanna. When I worked at a place at the airport (where the private plans would land) we had a little area for the pilots to rest and do paperwork. People would leave books, so we set up a shelf for them and put up a sign along the lines if you wanted to take a read one you could, just pass it on when you were finished. The bench idea is neat too.

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