SSFC: Scrambles

Keeping  things on the easy side for this weeks Southern SOLE Food Challenge.

Click the badge to link to the other participants and see what they prepared this week!

Click the badge to link to the other participants and see what they prepared this week!

Shooting for easy and healthy at the same time. Pulling more peppers out of the freezer…. I don’t seem to even be making a dent in the bags of peppers that are in the freezer at all.

SSFC scrambles

Continuing to grind more wheat into flour with my new Vitamix for bread making.

  • Eggs – about 1 mile from the house
  • Peppers (frozen from last summers garden
  • Bread – using Texas organic wheat and grinding into flour
  • Coconut Oil – (frying the eggs) Tropical Traditions.

Do you still have a nice stock pile of things in the freezer from your garden?

Sincerely, Emily

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9 Responses to SSFC: Scrambles

  1. I used up the last of my peppers last week. Do you saute your onions and peppers prior to freezing them?

    • HI Lorelei – I know I will be sad when I use the pat of my peppers. There is still no end in sight. Some of the peppers I saute with onions and then freeze them. Others I just chop and freeze. Others I even grilled before I froze them. It is nice to have an assortment. I am also uncovering several bags of frozen green onion tops too. Those are going into may dishes also. YUM!

  2. Nothing beats homemade bread, and how cool that you ground the flour yourself! I buy all of my flours from a local mill down the road, but I eventually want to get a VitaMix for the sole purpose of grinding my own flours. Glad to read that someone is having success with it – everyone I know with a VM uses it for smoothies or nuts.

    • Hi Monika! I am glad I finally broke down and bought the vitamix. I have wheat berries and also spelt to grind right now. I have found wheat berries in TX but it is about 500 miles from us so I still work at finding some closer. We have a mill about 30 miles from here but they don’t sell to the public and they also truck in the wheat from all over the US. I have used the vitamix a lot for grains and bread crumbs, but only a few smoothies. When summer comes I will use it a lot more for smoothies I imagine.

  3. narf77 says:

    Here we are still waiting to harvest everything to put INTO the freezer ;). Make romesco sauce, hummus, and throw the peppers into your favourite tomato sauce. They are probably one of our foundation vegetables here and we put them in just about everything that garlic can go into…haven’t tried putting them into fudge (but I DO have a recipe for garlic fudge thanks to Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall 😉 ).

    • garlic fudge… hmmm. leave it to Hugh FW. I have a lot of garlic still to use so I did not plant any this pat Oct. I know I will go through it all and will plant again in Oct. It goes in a lot of meals here too. I love roasting several cloves when ever I have the oven on for something and then I have them on hand in the fridge to add to things.

  4. Nancy Davis says:

    Found a bag of green peppers in my freezer tonight! Yay! Nancy

  5. bumblelush says:

    I am still working my way through things in the freezer. And I think our peppers are multiplying in there too. Can’t seem to make a dent either. Recently we had some summer squash that tasted a little frostbitten, so I’m really trying to work my way through everything now.

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