SSFC: Stir-fry

Peppers and spinach are making another appearance

Click the badge to link to the other participants and see what they prepared this week!

Click the badge to link to the other participants and see what they prepared this week!

The spinach is growing really well this year. I wish I had planted a lot more. I do have more lettuce seedlings that have sprouted and that will bring another wave of fresh lettuce, not that we are short on lettuce now.


SSFC beef, pepper, spinach wild riceGrabbed another bag of peppers in the freezer along with some onions, so they made an appearance in this stir-fry too.

Used some more of the Texas rice that I found at a grocery store near us. The meat came from south Texas, out of my local ring, but still Texas. The rice fits that category too – out of my local ring, but still Texas.

  • Spinach – fresh from the garden
  • Beef – McAllen Ranch – 250 miles
  • Rice – East Texas
  • Peppers & Onion – Frozen – from garden

Can you find local rice in your area?

Sincerely, Emily

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9 Responses to SSFC: Stir-fry

  1. Nancy says:

    Emily, you’re doing a great job with buying/eating local foods! Your stir fry looks great.

    • Hi Nancy. thanks. It took a while to find ranchers and farmers in my area that were selling good grass-fed meat, but once I found the right people to ask and the right groups I was flooded with options. Farmers markets are a great source too (along with growing your own veggies to!) Most of the farmers markets in the area have ranchers selling their meat and others selling produce. It is great.

  2. narf77 says:

    I have had an amazing year for spinach as well Emily…lucky really because I use it every morning in my green smoothies. Being a veggie newbie, I thought that it was prone to going to seed on a regular basis but my hardy little plants are going gangbusters and have been giving us spinach for months now with no sign of going to seed or croaking. This veggie growing lark is amazing! I love growing trees and edibles from seed! I found a blog yesterday that had some AMAZING advice about how to stop chooks from digging up mulch around your fruit, nut etc. trees when you first plant them out. They had placed 4 haybales around the base of the tree and backfilled with mulch (not to the trunk) which both stopped the chooks from scratching AND acted as amazing mulch to keep the moisture in the soil! I thought I would share as you live in as arid and hot a place as we do in your summer…might be a great answer to some of your problems? The best thing is that you can plant directly into the bales to get double the benefit, making hollows, putting in some soil/potting media and planting the bales with strawberries, lettuce etc. BONUS all round (can you tell I am excited? 😉 )

    • Hey Fran, I am sl glad that your spinach is growing well for you. Now that I am making more green linguini I am going to start making chard, kale and spinach pesto to freeze and use throughout the hot summer months. Another great way to extend those greens.

      I have heard about gardening in hay bales, but hadn’t heard about using them to protect young trees from chooks. Great idea and it makes sense. I know it would be a great mulch too. We have a recycling center about 25 miles from the house where I can drop off tree trimmings ($5 for a truck load) and pick up mulched trimming from free. So I get all my mulch there. It has been great for mulching area. If I ever get chickens and end up letting them run the yard from time to time I WILL remember about using bales of hay. Great great idea.

      • narf77 says:

        It wasn’t my idea, I picked it up from another Aussie blog, just wanted to share the love around :). I WISH we could do the green waste thing but the closest we can get is paying $45 a trailer load for tip compost :(… ONE day Tasmania is going to get on the same planet as the rest of the world!…sigh…

  3. lizzeeee says:

    Hi Emily,

    Two questions: do you add the spinach to the pot at the very end or after you’re done, and do you add cooked rice as you stir fry? Ralph’s gotten into cooking stir frays since I haven’t been able to cook. My ankle’s feeling a lot better, but whether it is or not will be determined by the x-ray I’ll take March 5. Bummer!

    Hope all’s well with you!


    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Liz – I do add the spinach at the very end. In this photo my stir fry had cooled a bit so the spinach is still green and leafy. Other times I add it when the stir fry is still on the stove and stir it in. The heat will help wilt it. So to answer your question – I do both. Sometimes I forget and turn around to see the huge mound of chopped greens on the butting board… that is when it gets added after the stir fry is off the stove!!

      For the rice. I try to cook it the day before so it is a bit on the dry side. But there are really no rules. I just find it less sticky if I make it the day before. I add the rice at the end, after I have added all the other veggies (except the spinach – that is always last for me) and give it enough time to heat through and stir it around to incorporate it into the stir fry.

  4. bumblelush says:

    Great idea! Stir fry is such an easy way to use up ingredients.

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