The wrens are at it…

It feels like spring in South Texas. My apple tree has some buds appearing, one of the peach trees has it leaves almost opening up, and the wrens are sneaking into the back screen porch to build nests.

Perfect spots for wrens to build a nest

Perfect spots for wrens to build a nest

I am up and moving around, so I need to take a walk around the back yard (with my camera) and check out the other trees to see what they are doing. The day time temperatures have been warm, and at time downright hot. The night time temps have hardly dipped at all (although a few nights ago it was 45F – yes I know that is a heatwave for many of you. I grew up in Minnesota so I understand that when you have been in a deep-freeze and the thermometer rises to 30, your jackets start coming off and you roll down the windows in your car.

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Sincerely, Emily

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3 Responses to The wrens are at it…

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    That scented geranium looks like mine. Rose scented geranium. I have cut some slips off and trying to start more. Enjoy some of your nice weather for me. I am getting rather impatient!!! Nancy

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