SSFC: Egg Sandwich

In the far back corners of the refrigerator, I keep seeing something, and then forgetting about it again.

Click the badge to link to the other participants and see what they prepared this week!

Click the badge to link to the other participants and see what they prepared this week!

It is time to pull it forward and actually use it! Refrigerator pickles that I made a long, long time ago… last summer sometime. YIKES!

They still have good flavor, but they have lost the crisp, firm crunch. I’m am not about to let that stop me. I am using them up, ahhh, finally!

SSFC egs, pickle, lettuce bread

This open faced egg sandwich makes a frequent appearance for a quick meal for me. Eggs are a standard in the refrigerator and the garden has an abundance of wonderful greens of all sorts. In the summer I would be growing and using sprouts in place of those wonderful greens. The refrigerator pickles add some great flavor and I don’t miss the crunch at all.

  • Egg – this batch is from Don about 10 miles up the road
  • Bread – homemade using Texas wheat that I ground
  • Mayo – store bought organic
  • Refrigerator pickles – made with some garden cucumbers and some from farmers markets last summer.
  • Lettuce – from the garden

To use up these refrigerator pickles, I see some egg salad in the near future.

What type of quick, go-to meals to you tend to make often?

Sincerely, Emily


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4 Responses to SSFC: Egg Sandwich

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Those pickles last a long time which is amazing to me! Right now I am using my dilly carrots I canned in place of dill pickles. Works well. Your bread looks so good. I have not made bread in a long time. Sure need to do that. Enjoy your lunch! Nancy

  2. narf77 says:

    Steve made some fridge pickles himself this year. We have a HUGE harvest of cukes and no idea what to do with them all aside from slowly work our way through eating them at every opportunity (that wears thin after the first 10…).

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