It’s About Time: New Necklace for Mom (part 1)

Last year my mom asked if I could make her a few necklaces to wear when they were down in Florida for the season. Her specific request was “something natural and organic.”

When she was in town a few weeks ago, I finally got around to working on her necklace request… ahhh…. a year later.

We went upstairs and I started going through my bead stash. Oh so many beads, oh so many ideas, but I knew what I was looking for and I hoped it would appeal to her. I went for the bone, nuts, horn, stone, porcelain and carved things that I had. Each drawer I pulled out made me smile and also gave me a feeling of the past. I have tons of beads left over from a past life as a full-time beader. I felt such a strong connection with these beads as I started going through them and pulling out things I thought would work. Mom was right there peaking in my drawers with me.

Mom's necklaces 1It was nice to have her here with me to look at the beads and talk about the colors she wanted. We worked on the layout of the bead together, after all, I wanted her to be happy with the finished necklaces. Before she headed back to Florida I finished two necklaces and she was very pleased with them.

What are all the materials? Start at the end of the necklace that has the round end of the toggle clasp (upper left corner).

  • Palm nut
  • Porcelain bead
  • 4 Stones together – Possible Chinese turquoise, but, I just can’t remember
  • Palm Nut
  • Wooden bead covered in raffia
  • Horn
  • Chinese Turquoise
  • Porcelain Bead – the center bead

I had a lot of fun digging through my drawers of beads. It really tugs at me to work with them.

I’ll show you necklace #2 next week.

Have you been in a creative mood? What have you made?

Sincerely, Emily

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7 Responses to It’s About Time: New Necklace for Mom (part 1)

  1. narf77 says:

    Lucky mum! They are gorgeous 🙂

  2. Sandy says:

    So pretty! Looking forward #2! Currently I think I’m on burnout…… Can’t wait for Spring to arrive!

    • I was just looking at your glaze tests. Oh the mugs are beautiful, but I understand what it is like to just want spring to hurry up and arrive. I felt that many-a-years living in MN and WI. Now that I live in S. TX I look forward to spring, but not summer. Completely reversed!

  3. Nancy Davis says:

    Beautiful necklace. Your Mom must be so proud. I am sure #2 will be just as lovely. Nancy

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