Granola Bars

This is a post I had started over on my personal blog a few years ago, but it just kept getting pushed further down the posting list until it was out of sight. Alexandra commented on my post last week (over at NDIN) about getting the recipe…. just the push I needed I guess.

in a jarHead over to Not Dabbling in Normal to get the recipe.

Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to Granola Bars

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    I like the idea of substituting honey instead of the white sugar but when you do that do you still add the 2 T of honey also? I made some similar but they were too sweet. What could I leave out of the sweeteners? I need exact recipes or I don’t do well. lol Nancy

    • Hi Nancy, No I don’t add the additional 2T of honey because I add the honey in place of the white granulated sugar. I have not left the sweeteners out, so I don’t know how to adjust the recipes for that. My instincts would tell me to add more eggs, but I don’t know for sure. I have a neighbor that substitutes a sugar substitute (equal, etc) for the 1/2 white sugar. I just don’t know what the ratio is, you would have to read the bag – sometimes it is 1 cup = 1 cup, others times it is less required. Sorry I wasn’t much help.

      If you go back over to NDIN, I added a comment with two links to other granola bars. One of them (skinnymimz) is a recipe with a lot less sugar.

      • Nancy Davis says:

        Thanks Emily. I did look at those links. I would add the honey but maybe less brown sugar or no brown sugar, maybe a quarter cup or half instead of the 3/4. Do you think that might work? I don’t like things real sweet and I don’t have to use equal or a sugar substitute. I guess I need to be brave and try things out! lol Nancy

      • Hi Nancy, I think it would work.If the mixture is too wet or thin I would say to add a bit more flour (like you will need to do when substituting the honey – you need more flour) I would say “be brave” and give it a try.

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