Free wood

My neighbor has built some neat benches for their potted plants using scrap wood (cut offs) that he hangs onto from other projects. I liked the benches so much that my step-dad made one for me when he was visiting a few years back, along with a couple of tables. One table is at the clothesline to set the basket of clothes on, the other is back by the compost barrel to set the bowls of kitchen scraps on while I open up the tumbler.Scrap wood. Perfect for making plant benches

Scrap wood from a 2nd neighbor. Perfect for making plant benches

My neighbor was cleaning out his scrap piles trying to downsize a bit and had quite a few old 2 x 4’s to get rid of. He knew I would want to use them and even cut them into the size I would need to make more benches for my plants.

Back in November, another neighbor decided that they were not going to be burning as much wood in their fireplace anymore and asked if I wanted some of their firewood… ahhh, yes please!

Well, this was wood with a catch. The catch was, I had to clear away a stack of scrap wood (cut offs) (in the photo above), some of which was rotting away, before I could take any of the fire wood. So I checked out the scrap wood pile and decided this was a win-win situation for me. It was made up of 2×4’s and 4×4’s in lengths that I would be able to use for making more benches! Score! And the firewood was nice oak!

As I brought each load of scrap wood home, I organized into piles of similar length so I could then easily see what I had when it came time to make another bench.  What a deal.

Once all the scrap was moved, then I focused on the oak firewood. I was able to get four nice loads before I wore the neighbor out. He was ready for a break and just wanted to leave the rest there until after the first of the year. With everything that has been happening in my life I haven’t been able to go back for the rest. It will be there when I am ready and able to. In the photos below you can see two plants my other neighbor added to my load as I drove through their property to get back home.

FirewoodThis was a win-win for me since I am able to use most of the scraps and the firewood was nice oak. This was a win-win for my neighbor as he is winding down and not working on the types of projects around the house that he used to, when he would use the scraps of wood and they don’t want to have many fires in their fireplace like the use to.  I am glad he thought of me when he was thinking of clearing out this stuff.

A lot of the oak is in big log cuts, so my husband will have to split it up. It was still free.

This scrap lumber still sits and waits to be used, but tomorrow I will post the photos of the plant benches that I have made using scraps of lumber that I got from my other neighbor (the one who gave me the idea for the benches in the first place).

Have you made some garden or plant benches for your yard?

Sincerely, Emily


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13 Responses to Free wood

  1. Nancy says:

    How nice for you, Emily! There is nothing better than free firewood!

  2. David says:

    Scrap wood comes in very handy to build anything. My dad said he built his garage using scrap wood (not really).

  3. Nancy Davis says:

    Nice for both you and your neighbor, him to get rid of the wood to someone who could use it and you for the blessing. I look forward to seeing the pictures of the plant benches. Nancy

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  6. Joanna says:

    Scrap wood is one of those things that anyone with space should hang on to as buying wood, well here in the UK, is very very expensive. But maybe we don’t have as much wood as you do 🙂 We use bits and pieces for all sorts of things, like mending the fence and making boxes to store things in, and OH starts on birdbox and birdtable projects, though I think those are languishing somewhere right now….

    • Hi Joanna, Space is a big factor in storing everything. Making bird boxes is a great way to use up bits and pieces. My neighbor feeds many birds from bird tables he has made using scrap wood. He repaired a few this winter because they were getting old and tired… using scrap wood!

  7. We were given free firewood for three years. We also were recently given barnwood from which we made a floor.

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  9. Deborah A says:

    I produce a crap load of scrap wood that is nail free. In winter, a neighbor comes buy and helps himself to our scraps for firewood. Its free and it helps me at the same time because I don’t have to take it to the dump. So the lesson here is check around locally for woodworkers, or tree removers. ALso check craigs list for “free firewood” Usually you have to process it yourself in order to get it into a truck. Also, check the discount rack at homedepot. Each piece is only 52 cents and you can sometimes find good lumber that can be burned. Some people come in and want 20 2x4s cut down to 50 inches(for example) and they leave the rest. Just check every so often and sometimes you’ll score. Yes it burns fast and its wet, but just season it. If you store it up all year you may have enough for the winter. Alternatively, just make a trip to oregon. it costs $5 a CORD to cut your own, up to 8 cords. Its usually pine as well but the price is right! It might now be worth it if you’re in socal. Recently I saw someone advertising a cord of oak for $300. I thought that was a good deal. They must have a lot because the signs are all over. I think they do tree removal.

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