Free stuff: Pots

I can get all mixed up. Is it the “free” that excites me, or the actual thing that is free that excites me?

You know, it is a little of both. I have gotten more picky about taking free stuff as time goes on. A few things came into play with that; we do not have endless storage space and it really needs to be something we will use (and use soon I think.) Free fire wood makes sense. It can age and wait. Free horse manure makes sense – the longer it sits there the better composted it becomes. The free mulch – I don’t mind stock piling it, because it starts to break down into nice compost if it sits there long enough, but if I wait too long and need mulch, I have to go get more. Free scrap wood – it really, really has to be useable, not just small bits of this and that.

When our neighbor/friend diagonally across the street called to ask if I wanted any clay pots, I was thrilled. Now, I have quite a few smaller clay pots, but I have been on the lookout for larger ones so I asked her what sizes there were. She wasn’t exactly sure, but told me to let her know what sizes I wanted and she would set them aside for me.

I told her anything 10″ across and bigger would be great.

A few days alter she told me I needed to meet her at the ranch to pick up the pots. Since I was still out of commission from the first surgery in January I sent my husband over there to meet her. When he got home later that day I met him in the driveway to see the pots.

beautiful clay pots!OH MY! These pots were HUGE! What a thrill!

She didn’t want any money for the pot, so I offered to make several batches of granola bars for her. She was happy with that. In fact the first batch never made it inside the house. Her husband found them in the mailbox, ate several, then took them to his friends Man Cave for their weekly get together. The second batch was made when her daughter came over and learned to make them. The third batch I drove over to their house. Yes, it is diagonally across the street, but that is to far for me to walk at this point. I’ll make another batch in a few weeks.

I am thinking that a few of these pots will get used on the deck for cherry tomatoes.

I have great neighbors!

Sincerely, Emily

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8 Responses to Free stuff: Pots

  1. Hi, Emily,
    What a great find your blog is to me; yesterday I mailed in the final exam for my master gardener program! I have never grown salsify either, but have seen references to it and have been curious. Perhaps this is the impetus to grow some. I also grow vegetables in pots.

    • Hi Ronnie, congrats on finishing the Master Gardener program. I have taken some photos of my salsify that is growing. I need to get a photo of the flower that is blooming on it right now and get working on a post about it.

      The clay pots are all potted – each with a cherry tomato plant. Other than basil this is the first edible that I have grown in pots in years. I have a nice sized garden so things are easy to plant. This will be an experiment to see how they do in the heat with a little afternoon shade from the sun.

  2. LUCKY YOU on your score Emily! Some of those pots pictured I don’t think they make like that anymore, not for a trade anyway. I love the trade/barter system! It just leaves you feeling so much better than that dirty money … Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  3. I would be thrilled with free pots, too! So much potential!

  4. Nancy Davis says:

    I love free too! And yes we do have to be careful how much we store, don’t we! The pots you were given are wonderful!!!!! Enjoy. Hope your getting stronger each day! Nancy

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