My Lawnmover

My husband knows I am not feeling well when I ask him to mow the lawn. That means using “my” lawn mower and it is not too often that I let him use “my” lawnmower! ha

My mowerThat was March 24th, and there was no way I was ready to use the lawn mower, but the drain-field really needed to be mowed.

I am slowly getting my lung capacity back and a few days ago I decided that I wanted to see if I could mow (just the drain-field again, not the whole lawn.)

It went well, until I went into uncharted territory behind the small shed. I had this brilliant idea to mow a section back there….. that I don’t think has even been mowed. It is one of the areas where the deer are hopping the fence and I would like to work on getting some shrub-type things planted in there this summer/fall. First things, first – mow down the grasses so I can get back there and make a plan.

I made the turn off the path into this uncharted territory, I mowed all of about 4 feet and then I had that loud th-clunk sound, followed by an engine that suddenly stops. Dang it. I raised the deck, but I couldn’t get the mower started again. That usually isn’t a good sign. Most of the time when I run over something that I shouldn’t the belt comes off and I can’t mow anything until I get it back on. I KNOW that I don’t have the strength to fix that right now, but I couldn’t even start the mower.  Lucky for me, my husband was home. As I got off the mower and turned to go find him, there he was coming around the corner of the shed to see what I had gotten into.

Yes, I hit something (a large branch that was on the ground, hidden in long grass.) No, the belt wasn’t off. I have no idea why the mower didn’t start back up for me, but it did for my husband and I was off again. Off again, back to the garage to park it. I will have to spend some time out back to pick up “things” in the grass before I mow back there I guess.

Drove over to the neighborsYesterday I drove over to the neighbors house in my truck, but they had a visitor who had parked right in front of their gate in the driveway so I couldn’t drive in up towards their house. I drove back home and got the riding lawn mower out (because I knew that I could slip in between the truck that was blocking the gate and get that in that way. I decided to mow the lawn (weeds and grasses really) along the road at the front of both of our properties as I went down there. I cut the tall grasses in both directions.

When I got up to the neighbors house, Blackie had to inspect my mower. Such a thoughtful boy! It got the meow of approval.

Little things make me happy. I am happy that I can drive the riding lawnmower again.

Sincerely, Emily

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6 Responses to My Lawnmover

  1. Happy mowing again! Welcome spring…

  2. Lorelei Mayer says:

    this made me smile! glad you’re almost back!

  3. Nancy Davis says:

    Happy to hear that you are able to mow and making progress! Be careful land don’t overdo! Nancy

    • Hi Nancy. I am quickly reminded (by my lungs and shortness of breathe) if I am pushing it a bit to hard. By mid-afternoon I am usually wiped out, even if I haven’t done a lot of anything at all. It is super hard to get up and moving some mornings if I have done too much the day before. I will be starting some physical therapy soon to see where I am at and make a plan for increasing my lung capacity and stamina. Should be interesting!

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