#@*! Fire Ants! (solenopsis invicta)

Every spring, for the past five years, I am amazed at the mounds of fire ants that develop in our yard and garden areas. Almost overnight (not really) it just suddenly seems like they are everywhere.

I definitely have a love-hate relationship with fire ants (also known as red imported fire ants – solenopsis invicta). Love and hate are both pretty strong words to associate with fire ants, maybe it should be more “like” and “dislike.”

Fire ants 1Head over to Not Dabbling in Normal to read the rest of my post.

Sincerely, Emily

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2 Responses to #@*! Fire Ants! (solenopsis invicta)

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Sorry Emily! I want them to feast on bad bugs somewhere other than my yard! Thanks for the tip of Vicks Vapor Rub. Nancy

    • ha ha! It is a tough choice but any way to reduce the fleas and ticks around here is great. I got into a mound yesterday. grrr. Thanks to Vicks, the few stings that I have are minor.

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