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Swap and Barter without money (May)

I was really worried about going to the swap this month. The temperatures are on the rise here, and my energy levels and my stamina have taken a huge step backwards. A friend and I car pooled and she was … Continue reading

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REAL Renovations:Making tomato (or pepper) cages/supports

When we moved to Texas I was thrilled because we had a big backyard and lot of space to put a garden in. Before I did anything out back I waited to see what was growing back there in the … Continue reading

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First tomatoes of the season

On May 15th my neighbor called to tell me that he had one of my tomato plants planted in his garden and I needed to come pick some of them. This is the neighbor where I plant some peppers and … Continue reading

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REAL Renovations: Creative way to label your potted plants and herbs

I am a member of the San Antonio Herb Society and we do several outreach events each year where we work at educating people about herbs. The display we have is called Everyday Herbs and it is made up of … Continue reading

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It’s About Time: Recycling with a cause

It has been several years since I have purchased any soda for myself. I gave it up when I started making ginger beer on my journey to rid our kitchen and bodies of per-packaged and processed foods and simplify the … Continue reading

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REAL Renovations: watergarden project

The three water gardens we put in a few years ago are doing really well. In the one that is lower to the ground, we have frogs and toads using it and singing happily on various nights. The little minnow-type … Continue reading

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Hanging pants on the line

In February, I mentioned how busy the wrens are around here, building nests where ever they can. A few weeks ago my husband had quite a surprise when he put on a pair of jeans that had just been washed … Continue reading

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SSFC: swap and barter without money

Last weekend I went to my first Swap and Barter. I am familiar with swaps and barter, but I had not found one to join up with in my area. I was thrilled when a friend forwarded me a link … Continue reading

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The sage is buzzin’

I love this time of year. The herbs and other flowering plants start to come alive and bloom. Sage grows really well in our hot South Texas  dry summers and it requires very little water to survive and thrive. Head … Continue reading

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What am I saving it for: Friendly Plastic

Just another box of “stuff” that I uncovered the other day. It’s not like I didn’t know it was there, it is just tucked away in the bottom of a drawer with other things on top of it, so it … Continue reading

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