The sage is buzzin’

I love this time of year. The herbs and other flowering plants start to come alive and bloom. Sage grows really well in our hot South Texas  dry summers and it requires very little water to survive and thrive.Sage 3

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Sincerely, Emily

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7 Responses to The sage is buzzin’

  1. Victoria says:

    Oh my goodness – that is beautiful! My sage is just getting back into the swing of things, maybe one day it will be as gorgeous as yours!

    • Hi Victoria – thanks! The one really large tall plant is amazing. It has done so well. The shorter ones are also really shaping up this year. A few of those were planted in the spring of 2012 and they are really flowered beautifully this spring.

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    Your sage is beautiful! I had the herb sage but it died. I have Russian sage but not sure if it will grow or not. Nancy

    • HI Nancy, I am sorry to hear that yours died. Will you replace it? The one thing about sage is that it really doesn’t need much water at all once it is established. In fact mine does so much better when I just plain don’t water it. I’ll give it a drink every few weeks, because it just don’t like wet feet. I have Russian Sage also. I need to move mine this fall, it just isn’t getting enough sun. It also does well without much water.

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