SSFC: swap and barter without money

Last weekend I went to my first Swap and Barter. I am familiar with swaps and barter, but I had not found one to join up with in my area. I was thrilled when a friend forwarded me a link to a swap that was just down the road.

local swap-barterThere were a few guidelines to follow:

  • No money was allowed – this is all about the trade and bartering with what you have for what you want/need.
  • Items should be sustainably-minded. Something you have grown in your garden, something you conned/cooked/brewed/baked/preserved/dried, etc. Something your animals made (goat milk, hen eggs, lamb wool, etc.) Something you sewed/knitted/re-purposed, etc. Items to do with sustainable interests are also good (Mother Earth News magazines, cookbooks, cooking/camping gear, etc)
  • The items you should leave at home: this is not a garage sale, items should be about sustainability. Leave the knick-knacks at home.

Once we set up, we were allowed 15 minutes to walk around and check out the items other people brought so we could see what we were interested in.

I only found out about the swap a few days before it happened so I just went with what I had on hand. I brought:

  • Handmade soap
  • 2 cherry tomato plants in gallon pots
  • 2 french thyme plants in 4″ pots
  • 2 loaves of no-knead bread

My plants went fast, and so did a lot of my soap. I am out of lavender soap, and short on Rosemary-spearmint, and Tea Tree soap too.

I have already made several batches of soap to be prepared for the next swaps in May and June. I want it to be cured for as long as possible and that means planning ahead. I also will have more plants to take and swap next time. Things like mint, oregano and more thyme. I am also thinking about potting up some garlic chives.

My brain is working on the months to come as things in the garden start to produce. Jalapeno jam and pickled okra.

I haven’t even told you about all the wonderful things that I came home with!

  • Blueberry jam (pint)
  • a loaf of banana bread YUM)
  • lip balm/chapstick
  • A wildflower book (for Texas!)
  • One antler
  • Fresh garden beets
  • 1/2 pint of salsa
  • 2 – 1/2 pints of pickled onion, garlic, jalapeno condiment
  • Dozen fresh hen eggs
  • 9 fresh duck eggs

I know there were a few other things, but I just can’t remember what they were! I met some neat people and I look forward to the next swap in May.

When I did art shows and sold my beaded jewelry I did a few swaps over the years, but I must admit I had a lot more fun with this organized swap and all the wonderful food items I came home with.

Have you had the opportunity to swap/barter for something?

Sincerely, Emily

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6 Responses to SSFC: swap and barter without money

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Oh, how fun!!! You are so lucky. I don’t think I have bartered much except maybe to trade an item once or twice. How did you find out about this opportunity? I don’t know how you get so much done, making your own soap and all!!! Nancy

    • Hi Nancy – this was a lot of fun. A friend of mine found out about it some how and forwarded me the details. I have searched for swaps in our area, but never had found anything. I heard about them in other areas, so I am so glad one started up here.

  2. msackett says:


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