REAL Renovations: watergarden project

The three water gardens we put in a few years ago are doing really well. In the one that is lower to the ground, we have frogs and toads using it and singing happily on various nights. The little minnow-type fish all also happy and multiplying in all three water gardens,  keeping them clear of nasty mosquito larva. I also have one open 55-gallon drum that catches water from a leaky rain gutter that I have also put those little fish in and they are working hard in there too.Oh Deer - water garden

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Sincerely, Emily

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1 Response to REAL Renovations: watergarden project

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Your water ponds sound nice. Sorry the deer had to ruin it for you but looks like your husband recycled and found the answer. Water lilies are so pretty! My hubby made similar arrangements for my new boxes to keep Coco, birds and bugs out! Nancy

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