First tomatoes of the season

On May 15th my neighbor called to tell me that he had one of my tomato plants planted in his garden and I needed to come pick some of them.

This is the neighbor where I plant some peppers and the zucchini from last fall. He and his wife helped pot up my seedlings into larger pots earlier this spring. Even with all the care that was taken to keep our plants separate…. some of them ended up getting mixed up. I couldn’t find my yellow pear tomato and we were just waiting for things to start fruiting to find it. So when he called me I figured it had been found.

First tomatoes of the season May 2013Nope! He has a golden cherry tomato plant of mine in his garden. I think it is called Sun Gold. It was a beautiful sight. I picked 4 cherries. I shared 2 with his wife and one with my husband. They were so fresh and sweet.

Tonight I will walk (yes, you read that correctly*) up to their house and do my weekly spraying. I spray a mixture of seaweed, fish emulsion and molasses once a week. Sometimes I will add a bit of BT (bacillus thuringiensis) if worms are overwhelming things.  I bet when I get up there that there will be more sun golds to pick!

*Yup, I will walk up to my neighbors house!!!  I have walked up there three times so far in the past two weeks. There is an ever-so-slight incline on the road to their house so I go when the sun is getting low and I take my time walking at a turtles pace. I let them know I am coming so they can keep an eye on me as I head up to their house. I am completely out of breathe with I get there, so I sit and rest, but I am so glad that I can do it. There are baby deer all over now, so I stay out of the field and stick to the road so I don’t disturb them. I take my sprayer with all the good stuff in it and just fill it with water when I get there.

When I walk back home I am just too exhausted to spray the plants in my garden (and I need a nap!), so I spray my garden on Thursday am or pm.

This is definitely a slow recovery, but day by day I get a little bit better. The heat has finally hit here and that has set me back quite a bit in my breathing and energy level. My tomato plants are covered with green tomatoes. I just take it one day at a time and looking forward to enjoying more tomatoes along the way, soon I hope!

How are your tomatoes looking so far this season?

Sincerely, Emily


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5 Responses to First tomatoes of the season

  1. Lorelei Mayer says:

    I’ve started picking my Juliet cherries. They look like miniature Romas. Sp pretty! Good for you to walk to Gene and Betty’s!

  2. monicasqbc says:

    Em, I’m so glad to hear you’re walking to your neighbor’s! In my head, you’re lively and active and then I remember you’re in a long recovery. So glad there’s such a big sign of progress. Take care of yourself, my friend. Deb

  3. Nancy Davis says:

    My cherry tomatoes were just planted a few days ago and just got my four other ones planted today. Things are getting done too slowly here too! Glad you are able to walk to your neighbors. That is real progress after all you have been through. Hope you continue to improve rapidly! Nancy

  4. Sun Gold cherry tomatoes are the best! I love them. Keep up the walking! Sounds like you are doing better each day. Can you post about your spray? I’d love to see what and how, because I have bees now and would like a more natural spray that won’t harm them and will kill the bad bugs but still be organic as much as possible. Thanks.

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