REAL Renovations:Making tomato (or pepper) cages/supports

When we moved to Texas I was thrilled because we had a big backyard and lot of space to put a garden in. Before I did anything out back I waited to see what was growing back there in the “flower” gardens. The previous owner had said, “oh the back gardens are beautiful with so many blooming things,” so I waited and watched. Hmmmm….. looked like a huge unkempt mess to me, all over the property, and after waiting and watching, that is mostly what it was – a mess. As  I slowly made my way through the mess I also started planning the vegetable garden. Lots to do.

How I anchor the fencingHead over to Not Dabbling in Normal to find out how I made my own tomato cages!

Sincerely, Emily

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1 Response to REAL Renovations:Making tomato (or pepper) cages/supports

  1. Those are nice sturdy cages! I just use the ones like you use to but have problems with them. Nancy

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