Swap and Barter without money (May)

I was really worried about going to the swap this month. The temperatures are on the rise here, and my energy levels and my stamina have taken a huge step backwards. A friend and I car pooled and she was a big help loading and unloading all of our swap stuff. The area were we set up is shaded, but when it is 90+ that is still hard for me.

I had been making soap like crazy to try to stay ahead of these swaps. They are spread 4 weeks apart and that just isn’t long enough (for me) to cure soap. I prefer longer, especially as the temps heat up because it takes longer for the moisture to dry out of the soap to make a nice hard bar. So as I was making soap this past month I made 2 and 3 batches of everything. That way they will have more curing time and be ready for the swaps as they come each month. 2nd SwapThis month there were A LOT more people that came to participate. More people to swap with meant more things to swap for and I came home with more great things.

What did I bring home:

  • 2 quarts of beautiful canned tomatoes
  • Fresh eggs
  • salsa
  • canned carrots
  • yellow squash
  • some mystery red flowering bulbs & aloe
  • 2 loaves of zucchini bread
  • whole wheat bread
  • goats milk (going to make goats milk soap!)
  • sprouting seeds (clover and broccoli)
  • Cookies
  • a rock (beautifully painted by a 5 yo boy)
  • Celery Leaf
  • 2 fly fishing lures
  • a coffee grinder
  • dishwasher powder
  • a notebook and book markers
  • 2 purple tomatillo plants
  • fresh Mexican oregano and Greek oregano
  • Blueberry coffee cake

What did I take to swap:

  • Soap, soap and more soap!
  • Whole Grain Mustard
  • Zucchini Relish
  • 4 mint plants

My soap was very popular again this month and so was the whole grain mustard and mint plants. I have more mint rooted and ready to pot up and I will be making more whole grain mustard and some Dijon to take in June. Other things I am thinking of taking are: granola bars, bottled ginger beer, and rosemary/black olive bread.

The swap went great. I paced myself and sat down when I needed to. I also took a box that I could load with a few of my items and carry with me to swap so that I walk table to table to see what people had. If I saw something I was interested in, I could ask them right there, show them what I had in my box and not have to take them back to my table to see if there was something they wanted so we could swap.  I met more great people and look forward to the swap in June.

Sincerely, Emily


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7 Responses to Swap and Barter without money (May)

  1. I think 90 degrees would be hard on anyone. I love homemade soaps.

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    I am envious!!!! Amazed what you are doing after being so sick. Wish there was one of those around me. How do you know how much things are worth? I would barter for your soap! LOL Nancy

    • HI Nancy – The only rule at this swap is that there is no money at all. If I see something that another person has that I am interested I let them know and then show them what I have to offer. We decide between us what would make an even swap.

  3. C Dillard says:

    Emily! This sounds SO cool! You always do such neat things!!

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