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What to do with green cherry tomatoes

Summer has been here for a while now in South Texas. Our heat index has been above 100F all week and the vegetable garden is sure showing signs of stress. Heck, I am showing signs of stress and I wilt … Continue reading

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Swap and Barter without money (June 2013)

WOW! – This swap thing can be sort of addicting. I spent time over the past 3 weeks thinking and planning what to take for the June Swap. I knew I will take soap, people really seem to enjoy trading … Continue reading

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Recyling and Re-using kitty litter buckets

A friend called me last week and asked if I wanted a few kitty litter buckets? Aaahhh, Yes, please! I’ll take a couple.  It was perfect timing, because just the week before I had two very old buckets finally crack … Continue reading

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Coastal Sandspur (Cenchrus spinifex)

Sandspurs! UGH! What a pain! A pain in the heel, foot, ankle. A pain in the cat, cat and other cat. A pain when you step on one in the house because it came in on the sole of a … Continue reading

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Blooming Right Now: Straggler Daisy (calyptocarpus vialis)

We do not have a proper green-grass lawn. In fact most of the things growing in our yard are “weeds” of some sort. Some are nasty and unwanted (sand spurs), others are wildflowers (wanted) and the more persistent of the … Continue reading

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Planning ahead – Trees and Plants

The entire East line of our property (300′) is full of cedar (Juniper) trees. They are wonderful because they help keep the morning sun off our house and that helps to keep things cooler for a while. They offer shade … Continue reading

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Caterpillars on my Dill

I plant more than one dill plant in hopes of being able to harvest some each year. I’ll keep hoping. Each year more and more black swallowtail caterpillars show up. Each year, I still hope I will get to harvest … Continue reading

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Step back and Breathe

I was talking to one of my best friends a few days ago.  We were talking about tough things that have recently happen in our lives and how we are handling them. I was reflecting on how hard the hot … Continue reading

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