Caterpillars on my Dill

I plant more than one dill plant in hopes of being able to harvest some each year. I’ll keep hoping.

another oneEach year more and more black swallowtail caterpillars show up.

follow the leader

follow the leader

Each year, I still hope I will get to harvest some dill.

Swallowtail butterfly caterpillarThis year I stopped counting at 35 black swallowtail caterpillars on my two dill plants. This isn’t going to a year I will get to harvest any again. this one is part of the gymnastic team!They were beautiful to see. They were beautiful to watch. I am glad I have a healthy garden and they come. Now I need to keep my eyes out for the the chrysalis and also for the tiny eggs.

This year I was only able to get 2 dill plants in the ground. When i am back into full swing, I will plant more dill to try to keep up with the growing numbers of caterpillars.

We have a lot of the black swallowtail butterflies around here. They are beautiful.

Do you plant anything for the “bugs” or caterpillars?

Sincerely, Emily

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12 Responses to Caterpillars on my Dill

  1. That’s interesting…the caterpillars seem to be particularly fond of dill. Good thing to know if planning a garden for pollinators. (It’s too bad you never get to harvest some dill for yourself, though!). 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Nancy says:

    Emily, Hats off to you to let the caterpillars live and sacrifice the dill. I would do the same, as much as I love dill. Your plants look great. You could always get a small snip here and there and share with the caterpillars! ~ Nancy

    • Hi Nancy, it is hard to watch them take over both dill plants. I wish we could have a reasonable conversation and they would just pick on and leave the other for me. It didn’t work that way.

  3. Nancy Davis says:

    I didn’t specifically plant dill for the caterpillars last year but a couple did show up. I hope some more come this year! Nancy

  4. Hi Nancy, I hope you get more each year like I have. It is amazing

  5. Jayce says:

    Very nice post. I’m about to plant my first ever dill garden. I hope it attracts loads of caterpillars. I am eager to watch them munch! Btw, you’re so kind to share your dill with these lovely creatures. Many people would smash them without a thought.

    • Hi Jayce – I hope your dill grows well and attracts all works of beneficial things into your gardens. Next year when I am feeling better, I will plant several plants in different parts of the yard and cross my fingers that I will actually get to harvest some dill for us!

  6. Just found 4 in my dill planter! I wrote up a quick post & linked to yours. What a fun garden find, hope there’s enough dill for them to survive. Maybe I should hunt down some fennel plants!

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  8. Leona says:

    My parents live on the 15th floor of a building on the shore of Lake Ontario. They have a lovely balcony garden (overlooking the Burlington Bay) with Dill and Parsley as part of their herbs. I came to water while they are on vacation. I noticed these 6 lovely caterpillars on the “very depleted” dill plant in a container. I was alarmed thinking they’re would be no dill left if I left them munch away but I am thrilled now to know what delightful creatures these are. I am leaving them to munch away while my parents are away. I will make an executive decision to sacrifice my Dad’s dill planter for the Swallowtail Caterpillars. I am sure they can buy some dill at the local supermarket. I will inform them how blessed we are to have these rare caterpillars dining 15 floors up! I await the signs of chrysalis etc. Thank you all for your information!!!

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