What to do with green cherry tomatoes

Summer has been here for a while now in South Texas. Our heat index has been above 100F all week and the vegetable garden is sure showing signs of stress. Heck, I am showing signs of stress and I wilt at the mire thought of stepping outside.

The heat and humidity that we have been experiencing has really set me back with my recovery and my over all breathing. I am still doing well. Going to physical therapy 2-3 times a week. But three weeks ago when our temps started staying in the high 90’s I could barely get through a physical therapy session. We took out all the weights and resistant bands and I just went through the motions and even that was a struggle, so I can understand how those tomato plants must be feeling out there.

Tomatoes - not looking good 6-2013Head over to Not Dabbling in Normal to read the rest of my post.

Sincerely, Emily

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2 Responses to What to do with green cherry tomatoes

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Above 100 is way too warm and I hope it cools soon for your health. Here I was complaining when it was in the 90’s here and so humid! How do you pot up cuttings from your tomato plants? I accidentally broke a branch off mine and stuck it in the ground but I don’t think that worked! Will be anxious to hear if you like the canned dilly tomatoes. I have never heard of them but we sure like to use the canned dilly carrots. So want to keep that in mind for this fall if the frost comes too soon! Love your informational posts! Nancy

    • Hi Nancy, For my tomato cuttings I simply clipped off a section of a healthy stem. I tried to find an area of stem there the leaves are so far apart, so I can get more of those intersections under the dirt in the pot (where the root will grow from) I clip off the leaves and get as much of the stem under the dirt int he pot. Then I clip off the top (above the dirt) just above a leaf intersection and water them real well. There isn’t much above the dirt either, maybe two leave intersections because I don’t want it to be spindly, I want it to really bush out and grow. I use Super thrive to water them and make sure I have a saucer under them so they can really soak up the water mixture. I keep them in the shade until they are doing well and starting to sprout new growth, then I start moving them out into the sunlight a little at a time to get the hardened and acclimated to the direct sun and heat.

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