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Cooking from the garden: bulgar tabouli

This past Sunday a few of us gave you a glimpse at what we have growing on our gardens. This week I wanted to share with you what I do with some of that fresh produce that comes out of … Continue reading

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Fixing It: Tension Rods

I try very hard to fix or repair things around the house instead of just throwing them away and going out to buy a new one. We live in such a disposable society and I don’t think that is good. … Continue reading

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What’s Growing in my Garden

This past Sunday, over at Not Dabbling in Normal, a few of us shared some photos of things that are growing in our gardens. In my garden a few things are winding down and a few other things are hanging … Continue reading

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Elderflower and Peppermint Tea

I was just up near Erie, Pennsylvania and the elder flowers were in full bloom. They were beautiful. If we hadn’t been in a state park, I would have picked a basket full and laid them out to dry in … Continue reading

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Reviving an old Salt and Pepper Shaker

I have vivid memories of the different sets of salt and pepper shakers that our family used when I was growing up. I have a few of them at our home and it is fun to use them, but there … Continue reading

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Armenian Cucumber (Cucumis melo var. flex­u­o­sus)

My neighbor has been growing Armenian cucumbers (Cucumis melo var. flex­u­o­sus) for a few years now. They are amazing to watch grow and form. Even though we call it a cucumber it is really classified as a melon. Also known … Continue reading

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Celery seed just staring me in the face

The celery leaf plant that I grew in the winter of 2011/12 did so well that this past winter I planted four of them. 4 nice celery leaf plants in the garden. It was very easy to grow and I … Continue reading

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