Reviving an old Salt and Pepper Shaker

I have vivid memories of the different sets of salt and pepper shakers that our family used when I was growing up. I have a few of them at our home and it is fun to use them, but there are a few that go unused because I haven’t been able to find a cork or rubber stopper the right size to fit the opening at the bottom.Old salt & pepper shaker set

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Sincerely, Emily

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3 Responses to Reviving an old Salt and Pepper Shaker

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Great that you came up with a way for you to use them all! I only have two or three sets and never got the bug to collect them I guess. No room here for that anyway. You must have a large house! Have a great Sunday tomorrow. Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy, now that they are usable I have put them back into service. I use a set near the stove for when I am cooking. There is a set on the table to use and the cute cat set above sits on display above all the kitchen cabinets. Another odd one has a seasoned salt in it. So, there are just a few and I am thrilled that they are just sitting there and I am able to use them and enjoy them

  3. Kathy Danis says:

    Thank you for the idea to use ear plugs as a stopper for salt and peppers! Plastic or cork stoppers are very expensive and I have a huge assortment of salt and pepper shakers. I get many of them from Goodwill and repair them if necessary. It’s fun for me but I have over 200 now so it’s time to slow down!!

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