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Mushroom and Asparagus Pizza

Oh mushrooms, how I love you! I picked up some wonderful mushrooms last week. Once again, they were wonderful, thanks to Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm, our local mushroom farm! I made up a tomato sauce that was filled with fresh … Continue reading

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Flowers and their power

This past Sunday we focused Flower Power over at Not Dabbling in Normal. I grew up with some funky and neat clothes. We had some wonderful flowery sheets and I even have some of those and use them as top … Continue reading

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Hi everyone!

I realize that I am been somewhat absent here at the blog over the summer. Many of you know I have some ups and downs this summer, but overall I am doing pretty well. I can’t believe we are approaching … Continue reading

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Swap and Barter without Money (August 2013)

I just realized that I didn’t post a photo from the Swap and Barter in July.  I will be sure to get that going and posted next week, so you can see all the great stuff I brought home. The … Continue reading

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Flour give me freedom

This past Sunday our Sunday Photo post focused on “Flour Power.” Well, flour has definitely taken on power, and new meaning for me in the past five years. On my journey to rid our kitchen of processed and pre-packaged food, … Continue reading

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My very own suit of armour

There has always been something about a suit of armour that catches my attention. It is amazing to think about the weight of a suit of armour and what it must have been like to wear one. The craftsmanship is … Continue reading

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Family can mean many things. I have my mother and step-dad, and I have a brother and 2 nieces. I also have husband…. that leads to a father-in-law and many brother-in-laws and a sister-in-law. That also leads to many nieces … Continue reading

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Lammas, and thankful for harvests

Lammas, hmmm. I didn’t know much about it until Alexandra suggested it for one of our Sunday Photos themes. As I think about Lammas, I think about growing up in a small town in Wisconsin with all the farms nearby. … Continue reading

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A change in scenery

A few days ago, we focused our Sunday Photos on travel and getting away.Recently we went to Erie, PA for a family reunion. After seeing brown, crispy landscapes in our area, the lush green was almost too much for the … Continue reading

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