Swap and Barter without Money (August 2013)

I just realized that I didn’t post a photo from the Swap and Barter in July.  I will be sure to get that going and posted next week, so you can see all the great stuff I brought home.

The Swap for August was great, as usual. AS our spring/summer gardens wind down, I saw a decrease in the fresh produce being traded. In fact, I only saw a dozen tomatoes, and they were beautiful, but that was it.

There were a lot more people at this swap, somewhere in the vicinity of 45. I imagine as it starts to cool down around here we will see more people coming out to trade. Another great things about the temperature dropping (sometime soon I hope) is that we will start to see produce from the fall garden.

Swap: August 2013

Swap: August 2013

So, what did I come home with this month:

  • Seeds: parsnips & sunflowers
  • Tincture:
  • Beer Bread & Blueberry scones
  • Some bug spray made using clove and cinnamon
  • Pecans, Pecans, Pecans! Local and Organic!!!
  • An Apron re-purposed from a dish towel
  • Homemade vanilla extract
  • A book about embroidery on paper
  • Peanut butter granola
  • Salsa
  • Canned carrots
  • Jam, Jam, Jelly, Jam, Jam (loquat, fig, plum, strawberry kiwi, strawberry)

I continue to love going to these swaps. I am meeting new and wonderful, like-minded people and that is wonderful.

Things I bring that continue to be popular, as well as requested are my soap, whole grain mustard, granola bars and ginger beer. In July I also took fabric napkins that I made and those were a hit, so I will dig my heels in and make some more napkins and do some other sewing projects too.

Do you got to any swaps like this? What do you take with you to barter with?

Sincerely, Emily

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