Hi everyone!

I realize that I am been somewhat absent here at the blog over the summer. Many of you know I have some ups and downs this summer, but overall I am doing pretty well.

Kivuli taking a little nap in the oregano

Kivuli taking a little nap in the oregano

I can’t believe we are approaching September already. I am super happy about that and hope we start to see some lower temperatures around here. When I was up in Minnesota earlier this summer, being in the cooler temps really helped my breathing a lot, so I hope to see some relief here soon.

As the months go by, I continue to try to be as active as my body allows. I still find that doing anything in the evening is hard because I get more tired and exhausted as the day goes on and my body just needs time to rest.Kivuli wandering through the savoryThere are still things growing in the garden, kale is one of them and I continue to eat it (in my smoothies and other things.) I cut back some of the tomato plants and put in some new ones also. I also have eggplant, cucumbers and yellow-neck squash started out there right now. The pepper plants are flowering again and putting on peppers. The ants have enjoyed more okra than we have so far, I need to work on that.

The tomatillo plants have not gone so well. I will get a post together on that saga. I will also get some other posts going on other things I have been up to this summer.

Are you looking forward to fall? Or maybe you are in the Southern Hemisphere – are you looking forward to summer?

Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to Hi everyone!

  1. absolutely looking forward to fall. We’ve had an unusually cool summer compared to the last what at least 4 years & I fear it’s going to be a very frigid winter, but I LOVE FALL!

    • Hi Michelle. I wish I could say we have had a cooler than normal summer. Nope. I have heard the winter will be chilly this year. Time will tell. Right now I wouldn’t mind a bit of a chill!

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    Hi Emily, Glad you are doing better. Looks like you are still growing some nice things. Your cat looks as though he is enjoying your garden! Yes, I am looking forward to the end of the gardening season. I get like this every year and then can’t wait to get started in the spring! Pulled out some squash and cucumber vines today. Nancy

    • Hi Nancy, oh my herbs are so sad right now. Since those photos (taken the end of July) and with no rain, they are all looking rather sad and crispy. They should pop back when we get some relief from the 100F days and no rain. At least I hope they will. You can’t wait for your Spring garden and I can’t wait for my fall and winter garden. ha

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