Another “new” sink

I thought I had enough sinks. I was wrong!

You might remember a this sink and this sink I posted about a few years ago.

My neighbors offered me an old enameled cast iron sink they had. I had to think about it for a few days, then I went back and talked to them about it. He volunteered to build a stand for it and I said YES!

New sink with stand 1

This “new” sink came home with me and is set up on the front porch. It will have a new life here and be turned into a succulent garden.

New sink with stand 2

So far I have gotten as far as filling it with dirt. I thought we had an old faucet from our kitchen that I could put on the sink, just for looks, but it appears that we got rid of it. WHAT, we actually got rid of something, yes, it appears so.

It is kind of fun to turn this once-loved sink into something new. I have many pots out back with different succulents growing and multiplying and they will soon get put into this sink. I also have several things that will grow and hang over the edges. I am excited about all the different dimensions and textures that will come to like in this planter.

I hope to get started in the next few weeks.

Do you like to grow succulents? What do you have them planted in?

Sincerely, Emily

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5 Responses to Another “new” sink

  1. What a wonderful, creative idea! 🙂

    • Thanks Sheryl. I have a vision, let’s hope I can make it happen! I have several succulents and have separated them or taken clippings to start new ones in order to fill this sink. Between the deer, raccoons, possums and armadillos have not been the best helpers this summer. They have managed to nibble and dig up every last one of them…. over and over. So things are growing very slow. It is driving me crazy.

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    Love your “new” sink and what you are going to do with it! Nancy

    • Thanks Nancy. I best get started on it so they have a chance to put in some roots before the weather turns too cold and slows everything down. I have a feeling I will need to build a little box with plastic to go over the top (like Your Favorite Gardener did for you) to protect them from the cold. It is still 99F here, so it is hard to think about that yet, I better just work on getting it planted for now!!!! Focus! ha, what’s that?

  3. Nancy says:

    Oh my…I am not alone in my love of sinks. One year I found a bright red sink that I just had to have…..I no longer do, but it was great owning it for a short time!
    I love your plans for this sink.
    Right now we have a double concrete laundry sink stored behind the greenhouse for “someday” use, might be turned into a planter simular to yours.

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