Getting ready for a plant sale

Friday morning while the driveway was still shaded and it is the coolest part of the day, I slowly started to load my truck with plants from my little “nursery” in the back yard to get ready for the Jubilee in our town this morning.

Rose scented geranium, aloe, sensevaria, begonia

Rose scented geranium, aloe, senseveria, begonia, rain tree

The local garden club that I belong to always has a booth and all the members donate plants and baked goods to sell. We raise money for local charities and this is our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Need to keep an eye on that deer in the left of the photo! She will come and munch on everything

Need to keep an eye on that deer in the left of the photo! She will come and munch on everything

I love taking plant clippings and getting more plants started. I also love planting seeds and watching things grow. This time of year, after a long hot summer, not to mention a battle with the deer coming on the deck and possums and raccoons digging plants up every night, this summer has been hard on my potted plants and me! You can read a bit about my challenges here. As I was loading I started adding more plants that I didn’t plan to have in the sale. It is been a long summer and I am tired of taking care of things. I still have many plants and I can start taking clippings from them again in the spring. It felt good to clear out some more and have a bit more space.

We also have a garden club member that is moving to Arizona and about a month ago I picked up all the plants she want to get rid of. I worked at separating and re-potting some of them and taking cuttings off others. Some didn’t make it, but most did.

Bromeliad blooming. Anyone know the name of this one?? It is close to

Bromeliad blooming. Anyone know the name of this one?? It is close to decora, but I am just not sure.

Friday afternoon I took my truck load over to have them priced, then back to my house (parking in the garage so the deer don’t munch on everything) and ready to go to the Jubilee early this morning.

The deck and “nursery” area off the deck looks like a disaster. I will start straightening it up next week when I have a bit more energy. I know I will be exhausted after the Jubilee today. Many of the plants that I still have will get planted in the ground this fall when it starts to cool down.

I love starting plants and now, being in the local garden club, I can take them to the plant raffles we have at each of our meetings and also have a load to donate for our booth at the Jubilee.

Do you ever go to plant swaps or plant sales?

Sincerely, Emily

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5 Responses to Getting ready for a plant sale

  1. Nancy says:

    I just love plant sales! We have much better luck with plants that have been grown and established in this area then getting them from a nursery, and it feels more local. (not to mention all the fun!)

    • Hi Nancy. I really enjoy starting new plants. We had a variety of local native plants, some herbs, some exotics and some houseplants. We seem to sell a variety. We had a lot more request for edibles and herbs this year. That is hard. I have probably two flats of herb starts that all look nasty-terrible from the summer heat that there was no way I could take them to sell. Most of them are sprouting new growth, but not enough to look good enough to take. With another hot and dry summer the herbs in my garden look worse than they have ever been. With the changes we made from last years booth tot his year, we over doubles out money. We have more to change and improve and it will get better next year too. Fun!

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    You sure have a lot of plants to share! I am planning to go to our garden club meeting tomorrow night. I have only visited a couple of times. We are suppose to bring plants too so I will take one of my scented geraniums that I have had outdoors. I sure don’t have room to bring all these plants into the house this winter!!! Nancy

    • Hi Nancy. I would not believe how many plants that I rounded up. Our garden club had a great day at the Jubilee and sold more plants and made more money they years past. We keep all the money in the out community by making donations to local charities. I hope you had fun at your garden club meeting. I am sure someone was thrilled to get one of your scented geraniums!

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