Making cards

It isn’t even Mid-October yet and I have been working on Christmas cards for my mom and step-dad.

Making cards 01Truth be told, I started them in early January, ran into a snag, set them aside, had surgery, ran into another snag (ahhh, that blood clot-thing) and here I am finally getting back to it! I like to do a lot of this kind of stuff ahead of time, because sometimes the creative energy just isn’t flowing and I don’t want to be standing at the Post Office in a line with 30+ other people in mid-December trying to get my gifts to people in time.

My mom and step-dad are at a point in their lives where they don’t really need anything. What is great for me is that I can make them cards to use throughout the year for birthdays, etc. and I can also make them Christmas cards. making cards 02I work with them and show them examples to find out what they like and what they would want. They are included in the process. It might take the fun out of the gift giving throughout the year, but I would much rather give them something they will like and use.

How do you handle presents for your parents and/or family?


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11 Responses to Making cards

  1. Lorelei Mayer says:

    Very clean, elegant & pretty!

  2. We ask for “wish lists,” which include things of different price ranges, and choose one to give. I remember my mother-in-law always bringing us things we didn’t need or want. So I don’t want to clutter anybody’s home with useless gadgets.

  3. Nancy Davis says:

    Your cards you are making will be beautiful! That is a lovely idea to make some up for your parents. I struggle with what to do about Christmas gifts! With four kids, 3 spouses and 9 grandchildren it gets expensive. The adults have drawn names the past couple of years but I seem to have to take charge of that if we do it. Wish I was good at picking out presents for others! My friend is coming over Friday and staying overnight and we will be doing cards together!!! She teaches classes making cards and has good ideas! Thanks for sharing yours. Nancy

    • Hi Nancy, you have such a large extended family, it only makes sense to draw names, even if you are the one that has to arrange it each year, it sounds worth that effort to keep the gift buying under control. Did you read Ronnie’s comment above – about each person having a wish list and they pick one item off it to buy. It makes it easier to buy something someone wants….

      I am excited to see the fun cards that you and Sue make this weekend. Have fun!

  4. Nancy says:

    Such a great idea…..the personal touch is wonderful!

  5. Amazing cards! I’ve been thinking about (finally) making my own this year…I might have to borrow some of your creative ideas 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! It fun to be able to make cards from my parents. Now, I just need to take sometime and work out a design for our cards this year. I hope you have a chance to make some cards this year. What fun you will have finding some beautiful papers to use.

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