Bugs in the garden

I am finally taking some time to work on blog posts that I started 1 month ago, 2 months ago, 3 months ago….. it’s about time.

I spotted these worms one day on my therapeutic walk around the back yard (oh, about 2 months ago!) Once I downloaded them I started searching to find out what they would be.

No idea what these are.

No idea what these are.

First stop was the “Texas Bug Book” The Good, The bad and The ugly” that I have mentioned before. Well, it didn’t help me. So I started looking on the internet. Still no help. I have no idea what this worm/caterpillar is.

On another walk through the vegetable garden I found these guys earlier this summer on the tomato plant.010I am pretty sure they are immature Leaffooted Bug (Hemiptera). I know they can do damage to tomatoes, but I left them alone. I have enough biodiversity out there in the garden and hoped that a predator would come along and control it.

We have lizards and birds out there that are doing good work. There are spiders and frogs out there that are also doing good work. I let them take care of things. I do my part by keeping herbicides and pesticides out of the garden and off our property. I also help out by spraying the plants with a mixture of liquid molasses, seaweed, fish emulsion and water to help the plant become strong. I will add a bit of BT (bacillus thuringiensis) in there if the worms and caterpillars out of hand. Hand picking in that department goes a long way (sure wish I had chickens to feed those worms too!)

There are some interesting the bugs out there. Not always wanted, but interesting.

What is your approach towards bugs in the garden?

Sincerely, Emily

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