Kivuli: a nice place to take a nap

I admit that Kivuli makes the rules around here and we just try to go with the flow. In his wilder, younger years, there was just no way to change most of his behavior. We just tried to minimize the affect it had on us and those around us (neighbor’s.)

Nap time

Nap time

These days he is 1000% more mellow, and less destructive. At 16 years old that is a good thing.

Some things never change. He still wakes my husband up in the middle of the night whenever he feels like it. Sometimes he just wants to eat. It doesn’t matter that we free-feed the cats dry food and their bowls always have food in them. He just wants to eat with his dad. They are buddies! BIG TIME! It’s like a “man and his dog” except he is a cat. Sometimes he just wants to head outside, for a nighttime patrol (I’m guessing) or his old bladder just says, “NOW, I need to pee NOW!” (he has never been big on little boxes) Sometimes I just think old habits die hard. Before we moved to Texas, Kivuli seriously ruled our neighborhood in Palm Springs. Being a wild cat from Kenya, I think that territorial instinct was the majority of his make up, along with fighting behavior.

Keeping him locked up in a house was really never an option. That just made him more aggressive and angry, which lead to more biting and clawing (and therefore blood.)

These days, he still “needs” to be outside. He still makes his rounds on our property, but more times then not, I find him sleeping in the tall grass where he as worn down a nice area, or in a sunny spot under a bush where he is protected and undercover. I just keep walking and do not let him know that I found his spot. If I take notice of him, he will find another spot to hang out and I won’t know where that is.

I know he doesn’t see as well as he used to. I know he doesn’t hear as well as he used to. He still gets around, a lot more stiff in his walk and a bit of a limp. He doesn’t gain weight in the winter anymore.

I have vivid memories of him jumping to the top of our 6′ fence in CA without a second thought, now we have stairs and stools around to help him get onto the bed or sofa.

It is hard to watch him get old and slow down, but it sure is nice not to have him tear me to shreds if I need to pick him up. In his younger days I had to wear leather gloves (it was welding gloves if I had to take him to the vet – that was always a treat!)

So, if he wants to sleep in the laundry basket with all the clean laundry – I’m fine with that.

Do your pets make the rules in your house?

Sincerely, Emily

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6 Responses to Kivuli: a nice place to take a nap

  1. Gina says:

    Love his fuchsia haired friend!

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    Awwww! He looks so sweet! One would never know the problems he has caused you! Nancy

  3. Your post reminded me of my terror cat, Measles. He had that name due to his spots but it did suit his nature. Everyone in the family had wounds from the cat. Although he was a big problem we kept him for his 18 years. He did mellow in his later years and we grew to love him. We now have Bailey, a newer version of the breed. He is everything you could wish for in a cat. We have just moved from the bush to 2.5 acres of paddock so he is raring to go. I hope you enjoy your cat
    for a few years yet.

    • OH my gosh. Measles and Kivuli sound like they could have been brothers from a different mother. Even though he has been a terror, it is hard not to love the guy. He was 3 weeks old when we got him. I fed him every few hours through the night and took him to work with me everyday. Even at such a young age, whenever he was awake he was “full speed ahead” the other speed was “asleep.” That never changed. Now he is mainly asleep or in slow motion. It is hard to watch him age. I am glad he has mellowed out.

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