Had a little car trouble the other day

My husband drives a 2002 PT Cruiser and it has over 150,000 miles on it. Two years ago when he was driving to our hangar the car just stopped on the highway. He called the auto club only to find out that our subscription had expired (there was a bit of confusion with our membership when we moved from CA to TX.)



Anyway, he sorted all that out by renewing our membership and upgrading it to one with a towing package.  Since then we have used the towing service a few more times, so that upgrade has been well worth it.

A few weeks ago my husband just happen to mention that the car had stalled on the highway again (actually a few times), but he would just pull over and it started right back up. I have no idea how long he had been doing that, but he finally mentioned it again and I scheduled an appointment to have it looked at.

I called my neighbor/friend and made arrangements to get picked up at the repair shop and headed down the road. I didn’t even make it 1/10th of a mile before the car stalled.

Well, this time, the car would not re-start, so I called the auto club. The customer service guy got a good laugh when I told him that I was on my way to the repair shop and I just didn’t make it that far.

My neighbor had already left his house by the time I called him, but I know he would come across me on the road. He pulled up behind me and we waited for the tow truck.

The car is back up and running. It was some obscure automatic shut-off relay.

I must say that the upgrade in our auto club membership has more than paid for itself for the times we have used the towing service over the past two year. With 3 older vehicles with high mileage it has been worth the expense.

What do you do when your vehicle acts up?

Sincerely, Emily




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7 Responses to Had a little car trouble the other day

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Hope my husband is with me!!!! LOL Nancy

  2. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    If we are out running errands and we our car breaks down, we have it towed to our home. My husband is not a mechanic but will try to find out what the problem is with the car and resolve it himself. If it’s a problem he has never dealt with before, he will get online and research for a solution. Thankfully we have an older vehicle so navigating through the engine is easy.

    • having a handy husband sure does help. I am lucky to have one of those too. Most of the time he will work on the vehicles, and he does all the preventative maintenance stuff – that saves us a lot of money!! This time he had some idea of what was happening, but it wasn’t anything he could easily get to on the car and with his work schedule, he didn’t have the time, so we are grateful for the repair shop for some of those things. You are so right about having an older vehicle because they are easier to work on.

  3. narf77 says:

    We were the same and took it out on the off chance because we live out in the sticks but it has more than paid for itself to be honest and we wouldn’t be without it. I just had to pop over and say “THANKYOU” you wonderful Texan you for my gorgeous handmade card. I was dead chuffed to get it and it is going to get mounted in a lovely frame and put over my PC where all of my “thinks” go. I get to look up at them whenever I need to stimulate the old brainbox, heart or soul and there they are…thinking for me :). Hugs Emily from Sunny (but not for too much longer) Sidmouth 🙂

    • Hi Fran! Good to hear from you. Ya, our membership has more than paid for itself also. Well worth it. Glad you liked the card. I had fun making it!! Have a great day!! As you are coling down, we are heating up! UGH!!

      • narf77 says:

        Sorry about the heating up but I think we are due some of your cold weather. We had the last of our rain back in early December and didn’t get any more rain at ALL till a week back. The poor garden was on it’s last legs and I was starting to plan out my cactus garden for next year! Looks like I don’t have to populate the garden with cacti and succulents and Osage Orange like I thought I was going to have to now ;).

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