Chard: do you eat the stalks?

My chard (also known as swiss chard and silverbeet) is growing great right nowChard Stalks 1

So, I am happily picking chard and adding into most of our meals in one way or another. Last night as I was chopping the chard and I wondered if others out there also ate the stalks/stems.

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Sincerely, Emily

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7 Responses to Chard: do you eat the stalks?

  1. I always eat the stalks, a bit chewy but sweet!

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    Hi Emily, I have read that you can chop it up and use in soup like celery. Nancy

    • Hi Nancy – Yes, and that is another great way to use the stalks (and leaves) – in soups. I use the chard in the summer, and in the winter I use kale, spinach, and chard.

  3. cindy dillard says:

    Hi, Emily! That’s great, chard is wonderful! We love fresh Swiss chard–try saying that fast… usually we just trim the very bottom off and cook the stalks right along with the leaves. Love you, Emily!

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