Quail Egg Omelet

On Sunday I posted a photo of the quail eggs that I brought home from a recent barter.

Quail eggs

Quail eggs

They are so tiny and so beautiful. Each quail has its own distinct patter on the eggs that she lays – like a fingerprint. That is amazing, isn’t it?! Imagine my surprise when I started cracking them open and found some that were colored inside – a beautiful range of light blue/aqua. Nature is amazing!Quail eggs

I had no idea how many quail eggs made an omelet, so my plan was to just keep adding eggs until it looked like the amount of two chicken eggs. Well, I got a little carried away. The first omelet had 18 eggs in it. That was just too many.

Quail egg omelet

Quail egg omelet

We are eating a lot of things out of the garden right now. Peppers from the garden, along with beautiful onions from my neighbor, and local mushrooms from Kitchen Pride.

As I think back to the barter and all the wonderful things that I come home with, I smile when I think of the variety of eggs: Quail, Chicken, Duck, Turkey. All the eggs are beautiful.

What kind of eggs are in your refrigerator?

Sincerely, Emily


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4 Responses to Quail Egg Omelet

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Just plain eggs in my refrig although buying organic sometimes now. Beautiful color inside the quail egg! Nancy

  2. Reminds me of Army kitchen duty. Have you ever wondered where “Small” eggs were sold, since grocery stores usually only carry the sizes starting with Medium or Large? The Army eats them, and some private is cracking eggs for 2 hours every morning. It took forever.

    • Oh that is interesting! Since I am getting eggs from local friends now and not the grocery store, the eggs are all different shapes and sizes and a rainbow of colors. I don’t mind one bit.

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