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Getting ready for a plant sale

Friday morning while the driveway was still shaded and it is the coolest part of the day, I slowly started to load my truck with plants from my little “nursery” in the back yard to get ready for the Jubilee … Continue reading

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Mushroom and Asparagus Pizza

Oh mushrooms, how I love you! I picked up some wonderful mushrooms last week. Once again, they were wonderful, thanks to Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm, our local mushroom farm! I made up a tomato sauce that was filled with fresh … Continue reading

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Flowers and their power

This past Sunday we focused Flower Power over at Not Dabbling in Normal. I grew up with some funky and neat clothes. We had some wonderful flowery sheets and I even have some of those and use them as top … Continue reading

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Elderflower and Peppermint Tea

I was just up near Erie, Pennsylvania and the elder flowers were in full bloom. They were beautiful. If we hadn’t been in a state park, I would have picked a basket full and laid them out to dry in … Continue reading

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Swap and Barter without money (June 2013)

WOW! – This swap thing can be sort of addicting. I spent time over the past 3 weeks thinking and planning what to take for the June Swap. I knew I will take soap, people really seem to enjoy trading … Continue reading

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Caterpillars on my Dill

I plant more than one dill plant in hopes of being able to harvest some each year. I’ll keep hoping. Each year more and more black swallowtail caterpillars show up. Each year, I still hope I will get to harvest … Continue reading

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REAL Renovations: Creative way to label your potted plants and herbs

I am a member of the San Antonio Herb Society and we do several outreach events each year where we work at educating people about herbs. The display we have is called Everyday Herbs and it is made up of … Continue reading

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