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Kivuli: a nice place to take a nap

I admit that Kivuli makes the rules around here and we just try to go with the flow. In his wilder, younger years, there was just no way to change most of his behavior. We just tried to minimize the … Continue reading

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Kivuli: the helper

Kivuli LOVES JD, so whenever he is home you will usually find Kivuli with him or very close by. Kivuli follows him around like a dog. In these colder winter months Kivuli really enjoys sitting in JD’s lap or next … Continue reading

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Stir Crazy Cats

When the weather gets cold for long periods or we have more than one rainy day in a row Kivuli tends to get very stir crazy. He has always spent most of his time (daytime) outside and just can’t stand … Continue reading

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Soakin’ up the sun

Even the cats want to take a nap after a big Thanksgiving meal . I am posting about handmade cards over at Not Dabbling in Normal today. It is part of our series called REAL Holiday. The other writers have … Continue reading

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Isn’t there a saying about curiousity and a cat?

Sincerely, Emily

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Starting a water garden (or two)

With our little commune of toads under the air conditioning slab I have really wanted to add a constant water source for them large enough for breeding. Toads are so good to have around in the garden that I really … Continue reading

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Lazy Days of Summer

Actually, it is still spring, although you would never know by the temps we kicked off with in April. Downright summer-like in my eyes. Cinder has found a nice spot to hang out. Tiger Tail still seems to prefer snuggling … Continue reading

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