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Wren Nest

The wrens are at it again. Such persistent nesters. Motivated. Creative. Some of you might remember a few wren posts that I did a while back. You can read about there here and here. I don’t know that I can … Continue reading

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Magnolia bloom

Enjoyed watching this happy bee collect pollen on the beautiful magnolia blooming in our backyard. So happy to see bees in the back yard. So happy to see his back legs covered in pollen. Sincerely, Emily

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My locks are movin’ on…

It was time to cut my hair and send it off to Locks of Love. Head over to Not Dabbling in Normal to read more! Sincerely, Emily

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Fruit Fly Trap

As it warms up in my area, I am already starting to notice fruit flies in the kitchen. I certainly don’t miss having hem around in cooler winter months! They aren’t out in full force yet, but I know it … Continue reading

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Swap and Barter without money (March 2014)

I am behind (really behind) in posting about the monthly swaps I have been going to. I’ll get the ball rolling and make up for the ones that I have missed posting about. I will start with the most recent … Continue reading

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Had a little car trouble the other day

My husband drives a 2002 PT Cruiser and it has over 150,000 miles on it. Two years ago when he was driving to our hangar the car just stopped on the highway. He called the auto club only to find … Continue reading

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Creative Break: Quick Bookmarks

It seems that my list of bookmarks on my computer just keeps getting longer and longer, and I just keep adding to it. The bookmarked things ranges for herb websites to blogs of all sorts, recipes and crafty things I … Continue reading

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Stop and Look at the Branches

Last October I finally stopped and took several photos of things growing on the branches of some of the trees in our yard. Lichen? Fungi? No idea, I only got as far as the taking the photos. Actually, I know … Continue reading

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A little too much ground pepper

I have been storing my organic ground pepper in a jar and for some reason haven’t gotten around to refilling the shakers. Now I wish I had! Head over to Not Dabbling in Normal to read the rest of my … Continue reading

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Distracted while grilling

This past summer, I was outside grilling some eggplant for dinner. I wait until the last part of the day with the sun is on the other side of the house and the temperatures are dropping a bit. It was … Continue reading

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