Local Resources

Local (for me) is 100-150 miles from the San Antonio area

This is a working list and some of the resources that I have listed are more than 150 miles from me, but you may find they are local to you, so I am listing them. As I find more local resources, I will add them. If you know of some local resources from this area that I have not listed, please comment and let me know about them.

While all places and vendors listed above are local, they may not be 100% organic. Talk to them, and ask questions to get the information you need.



Dairy’s & Cheese

  • Strykly Dairy – Schulenburg, TX – 100 miles
  • Miller Farms – Lacoste, TX – 48 miles
  • CKC Farms – Blanco, TX – 25 miles
  • Don – eggs – 12 miles
  • Carrie – about 1 mile away


Farmer’s Markets

Markets & Grocery Stores

Meat & Butchers


  • Springfield Farm – Moulton, TX – 95 miles
  • Martinez Farms – Pleasanton, TX – 64 miles
  • Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm – Gonzales, TX – 73 miles

Orchards (Fruit & Olive Oil)


3 Responses to Local Resources

  1. Sharon says:

    I live in Grey Forest and go to the Pearl Farmers’ Market, but have noticed that Martinez Farms isn’t there these days. Do you know what is happening with them? BTW, just joined your blog.

    • Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by! I have not been able to get down to the Pearl Farmers’ Market for several months. I know the the farmers market has a facebook page… you might be able to get an answer there.

  2. Sharon says:

    Thank you for responding. Actually, the farmers’ market folks don’t know where they are either.

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