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Funny cat: Blackie

Blackie is Mister Personality. He is always doing something adorable, cute, funny, sweet. I was over at the neighbors and noticed one of the water spigots had sprung a leak, so my neighbor needed to turn off the water to … Continue reading

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Kivuli: a nice place to take a nap

I admit that Kivuli makes the rules around here and we just try to go with the flow. In his wilder, younger years, there was just no way to change most of his behavior. We just tried to minimize the … Continue reading

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Photos full of memories (2)

With my outdoor and active life still “on hold” I am finding all sorts of different things to do. The other day I was paging through some photo albums and found some older photos in them that were fun to … Continue reading

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Unlikely friends

My neighbors have four cats, all of which have wandered up onto their property looking for a good home and they found one. Blackie was the most recent and he has been there two years this summer. If I didn’t … Continue reading

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Cat nap

This is about as exciting as it gets right now Sincerely, Emily P.S. sorry the photo is a little blurring. This is what I saw when I woke up and I was giggling as I took the photo. All our … Continue reading

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… and whiskers on kittens

If you have been reading my personal blog over the past few years, as well as what I have contributed here at NDIN, then you have been exposed to a few of the stranger things that I have revealed about … Continue reading

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