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Fermented pickles

I can ferment sauerkraut with my eyes closed, but I have had a hard time with fermented pickles in the past (didn’t turn out well) … I just keep trying. Instead of using whole pickling cucumbers I decided to try … Continue reading

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It’s About Time: Kombucha!

Like many things, I have wanted to start brewing kombucha since I started hearing  about it a  few years ago. Well, I finally met the right person; someone to get a scoby from and I was off and running. It’s … Continue reading

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Fermenting cucumbers … soon to be pickles

I purchased a few crocks earlier this spring with fermenting in mind. I started with sauerkraut and that turned out fantastic (hope to post about that soon) Now it is cucumber season and I wanted to get a start on … Continue reading

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A busy day

It seems I have a lot of things on my list. I was able to check a few things off the other day. Roasted tomatoes and onions with garlic. Used some of my local Texas Olive Ranch olive oil.  The … Continue reading

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